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Green Cleaners’ products are respectful to the aquatic life, meet strict biodegradability standards and reduce packaging with our revolutionary concentrate concept.

We are working hard to help protect our planet. Together we can make a difference.

  • Biodegradable.
  • Hypo-Allergenic.
  • No Phosphates.

To purchase Green Cleaners’ commercial green cleaning products, please enquire here.



Why buy concentrate? SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

Our ultra-concentrate formula will make more than 5 litres of diluted product. This means we can reduce our packaging, transportation footprint and plastic usage, whilst you save $$$$’s with cost effective cleaning solutions!

Now there's no need to ever have harmful cleaning products in your home again! Feel great and make the change.

S$5.00 delivery charge for orders under $70.00 (within Singapore only). No GST.
Order online today.
*Based on recommended concentrate dilution of 20:1

Recycle and save $!

If you already have Green Cleaners' products and are placing a new order, then simply return your used Green Cleaners' 250ml bottles to us and you'll get $1 discount for each bottle recycled.



How good are our products?

"Green Cleaners' product comes in concentrated formula, which you can dilute… we use just one 20 cent dollop for our test and found it to be the most effective… Sparkle Score: 9/10."

'Simply Her' magazine (JAN 2011) independent consumer road test which rated Green Cleaners as the best amongst 5 selected eco-friendly home cleaning products.


Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Our Natural All Purpose Cleaner effectively cleans and degreases hard surfaces, removing a wide variety of soils from both inside and outside your home. Use throughout the house, to clean walls, floors, decks, doors, ceilings and vents, counters, cabinets, lawn and patio furniture, toys and sports equipment, luggage, bicycles and anything else that is safe to use water on.

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SGD $10.90
Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Our Toilet Bowl Cleaner works as effectively as conventional cleaners and deodorizes without harmful fumes, harsh chemicals, or dyes.

Removes hard water deposits, scale build up and tough stains. Used regularly your toilet bowl will stay fresh and clean.

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SGD $10.90
Window and Glass Cleaner

Our Window and Glass Cleaner works without streaks and uses no harsh chemicals. Great for effectively cleaning glass, mirrors, chrome, and other hard surfaces around your home. Contains no ammonia.

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SGD $10.90
Wood Furniture Cleaner

Our Wood Surface Cleaner effectively cleans and polishes wood surfaces. Can be used for wood floors or as a spray and wipe cleaner on furniture. Safe for any wood surface that you can use water on. Leaves the surface clean and smooth, with a pleasant scent of tea tree oil.

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SGD $10.90
Bathroom and Shower Cleaner

Our Bathroom and Shower Cleaner is effortless around showers and tubs to clean and to prevent soap scum. Can be used for showers, tiles, taps, sinks, tubs and tiled floors. Leaves the surface clean and sparkling.

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SGD $10.90
Dishwashing Cleaner

Our Dishwashing Cleaner gets your dishes sparkling clean yet is gentle on your hands and the earth. Use for hand washing dishes and utensils, pots and pans. Safe to use around food surfaces. Helps to sanitize and remove bacteria from all surfaces. Keeps drains clean and smelling fresh.

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SGD $10.90
Green Home Master Kit:
(6 x concentrates + 6 x dilution bottles)

Our Green Home Master Kit contains all 6 of our green cleaning concentrate products to cover your dishes, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, windows and furniture requirements – plus 6 dilution bottles for everything you need! Free delivery.

SGD $72.00
Green Cleaners’ 500ml Spray bottle

Reusable spray bottle for diluted All Purpose Cleaner, Window and Glass Cleaner, Bathroom and Shower Cleaner and Wood Furniture Cleaner.

SGD $3.00
Green Cleaners’ 500ml Toilet Bowl bottle

Reusable bottle for diluted Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

SGD $3.00
Green Cleaners’ 750ml Dishwashing dispenser

Reusable dispenser for diluted Dishwashing Cleaner.

SGD $3.00

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